Olivia Gaines.

The story takes an odd turn, which changed the course of life for not only Cyndi, but also Jack, Farmer, and a saucy rescue worker named Molly.

Holden Cimoc, Electrician



Serenity, WY

Population 9


Jamar Smalls, Engineer

Sometimes...all a man needs is a vision.  Then he needs the right set of people to help him build it. - Jamar Smalls, Proprietor, Serenity, Wy


Jack Kinson, Contractor

Carson Royal, Farmer


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Welcome to Serenity!


Yeah, I know,  My thought was, how fun would it be to build your own town?

Building your own town is going to be difficult, trying, the weather is not going to cooperate, and these men are going to want some company, and viola! The concept was born. 

You are so going to love this series.  I do already.