Olivia Gaines.

Let us nurture the practice of family values, by embracing policies that value families. -Benjamin Todd Jealous

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Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

-Albert Einstein

The Value of a Man

Life is hard.

it is cruel and it is unfair, but somewhere out there is a good guy waiting to find his princess.  Trust me, not all princesses are created equal.  Some of those royal ladies grew up in the hood, but the hood didn't grow up in them.

The premise behind this series is that sometimes in order for a man to understand who he is, he first has to understand his value.  A man can measure his value to a woman, a child, his family, his community, and himself.

Enter Thurston Cromwell, IV.  He is learning all of this through his mail order wife, TataLavisha Brown Cromwell, who came to him straight out of Compton.