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A Year in the Life

Project Scope:  100 Authors across genres, chronicling their daily lives as American writers. Our goal is to document the daily journey of the life an author from the most mundane to eureka moments in finding the perfect word to explain an emotion. The final product upon completion, will be included in the curated collection of diaries at the American Diary Project.


Your Year in Words

From dog walking and getting struck with a wonderful idea, to sitting down for your mid-day cup of tea and keeping the tag from the tea bag, an author's life is built upon moments.

Moments, we capture and replay like old movies in our heads on repeat, writing it down, again and again until the sentence feels right, and is "write."

More importantly, there are authors coming behind us, coming behind you, in awe of your life and journey. This is your chance to share your life, and processes through a simple act of jotting down your day-to-day life in a journal.

What Should I Write?

Most authors have support groups, beta readers, chat groups, and more. Show us your life in words. Capture your #authorlife in pictures, ticket stubs, registration bands and more on your writerly world.

  • Book Signings

  • Conferences

  • Workshops

  • Writer's Retreats

  • Your favorite local coffee shop

  • How you start your morning

  • Writing Schedules

  • Favorite places to eat

  • Hobbies & More

Will I have Support?

Not only will you have support, but you will have an entire group of 99 new besties who share with you a moment in history.

  • There are quarterly Zoom Meetings

  • A Dedicated Facebook Group

  • A supply list of items to get you started

  • Bragging Rights

  • Instagram Pods

  • Monthly Themes 

  • Dedicated Hashtags

  • We start together, we finish together.

What happens to my completed diary?

At the end of 2024, and your diary is complete, we all head to the post office on January 3rd.

"The American Diary Project offers a permanent home for diaries to ensure the stories within them are not lost."

 American Diary Project 

Ready to Sign Up?

Registration is open through December 30, 2023 

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Author Notification:

December 3rd, with Supply List,

schedules, and Zoom Links

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