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Twisted Prey--

Lucas Davenport confronts an old nemesis, now more powerful than ever as a U.S. senator, in the thrilling new novel in the #1 New York Times-bestselling Prey series

Lucas Davenport had crossed paths with her before.

A rich psychopath, Taryn Grant had run successfully for the U.S. Senate, where Lucas had predicted she'd fit right in. He was also convinced that she'd been responsible for three murders, though he'd never been able to prove it. Once a psychopath had gotten that kind of rush, though, he or she often needed another fix, so he figured he might be seeing her again.

He was right. A federal marshal now, with a very wide scope of investigation, he's heard rumors that Grant has found her seat on the Senate intelligence committee, and the contacts she's made from it, to be very...useful. Pinning those rumors down was likely to be just as difficult as before, and considerably more dangerous.

But they had unfinished business, he and Grant. One way or the other, he was going to see it through to the end.

I am big John Sanford fan of both the Prey Novels as well as The Virgil Flowers stories. This one left me a bit wanting. It was a great deal of build up between Lucas and Taryn Grant, but also a great amount of buildup between Taryn and Senator Smalls and for what, him to call her a foul name and her to wish he was actually dead? Meh. There was also a bit of confusion as to why Taryn came to the hotel to shook Lucas personally and it was never clarified that it wasn't Wendy who did the shooting. Also Ritter's twin brother? This was a plot device that went no where, with a large bullet. Did McCoy get away or is he dead? I'm also conflicted on Lucas using Wendy as a patsy at the end of the book. He wound her up and pointed her int he direction he wanted her to go like an old hound dog and true to form she ran barking up that tree. A solid read, but that was a very thick book and all I remember is dude with a a milk cartoon losing his fingers.

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