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Write with me in Serenity

Welcome Home to Serenity

Are you ready? I have partnered with Inkitt for this great opportunity. The contest kicked off today and there is a chance to win a $$$ if you place.

Here is the link.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 11:59pm PST on November 20th


Win $300 and a personal consultation with Olivia herself!!

1st place: $300, a swag box with merch, a feature in a tagged Instagram post, and a personal consultation with Olivia Gaines.

2nd place: $150, a swag box with merch, and a feature in a tagged Instagram post to grow your community.

3rd place: $50, a swag box with merch, and a feature in a tagged Instagram post to grow your community.

A Note from Olivia

Good morning and welcome home to Serenity. Readers have been after me for quite some time to come back to the small-town Jamar Smalls was building and add to the canon. Well, now you have an opportunity to build upon the world and add to the town of Serenity.

Keep in mind, that you must follow Jamar’s rules. If you don’t know the rules, here is a link to the intro story of how he obtained the money, where the town is located, and his reasoning for leaving Chicago and heading West to start over.

You need to keep those same reasons in mind as you build your 5,000-word story.

What is cool about this contest and me choosing this world, out of all the writing worlds I have created, is Serenity is perfect for you. If your character wants to open a bar, there is room for that. Your character may be a master quilter and is a man who feels ostracized for his skillset and can see himself having a little shop in Serenity, then bring him home. Or, the fella that opens a butcher shop can be married to a woman who makes heavy wool blankets. I love the idea of a woman's car breaking down near Serenity, and a man, who has no luck at all with women, is her saving grace and becomes her hero, simply by being himself. The possibilities are endless.

However, your time for writing this story is not. This week, I want you to take into consideration your character and the five needed elements for moving their life to Serenity.

What is prompting them to give up everything to start over.

Why this is necessary.

Who the character is and what skills can they bring to the people in the town, maybe a dentist?

When are they making the move, dead of Winter, early spring, the day after their 40th birthday?

Where are they moving from to head to Wyoming?

If, you have all of these questions answered then you are ready to start organizing your plot.

An Olivia helping hint: Act One, is all about the exposition. Exposition: Set up main characters, setting, hook, and the overall world your story takes place in (has been done for you) but you can show the world your character is ready to leave. This should be 1-2 pages and around 600 words to start.

Good Luck.

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