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Per your request:


Book Title: Blind Trust

Technician: Either Do Not Enter 📷or Weigh Station 📷- I can’t decide which I like better.

Job Description: The Underground Transit Authority or Subterfuge – again I can’t decide.

Skill: The go between/ half-way house for those rescued souls transitioning into their new lives. This Specialist is a subject matter expert at hiding people in plain site and turning broken lives into fulfilling destinies.

Public libraries are not open to visitors📷

But……The 600 series in the Dewey Decimal Classification is for Technology and Medicine, sooo your Red Binding book could be….


But also “Art of War” – yeah, I know it’s in the 355 section, but it works well with the tactics and skills necessary to pull off the subterfuge.


Pictures, if I can get this to work.....


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Mile Marker - Zeke
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