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The Zelda Diaries are now available on Audible. 

A different kind of love story without the dashingly handsome hero or the cute, but fragile heroine. These are real people who love hard and spend lots of time "getting it in." The end is just as satisfying as the beginning.

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It Happened Last Wednesday

“Zelda Diaries” series opens with “It Happened Last Wednesday,” which follows a hobby magazine writer who attends a ventriloquist conference, where she meets one of the least attractive men she’s ever seen — and somehow ends up in bed with him. The sex is hot, he’s smart and kind, and Zelda is left wondering what’s next.

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A Tantalizing Tuesday

“Zelda Diaries” series continues with Zelda making plans to see Scott while also questioning if she really wants this relationship with this man. Meanwhile, Scott is working on himself to be enough for Zelda, and it’s sweet — if also raunchy — how they are when they are together.

Listen here

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A Frickin' Fantastic Friday

The “Zelda Diaries” continue with more drama from both Scott and Zelda. Scott knows he’s in for the long haul, but Zelda still has some issues to sort through, and they just seem to be growing, the more she thinks about them. These two have a ways to go before finding their HEA, and it’s a crazy ride.

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A Saucy Sunday

Scott returns from Europe ready to see Zelda, but he is not prepared for Grandma Lula.

In the past three weeks, Michael has wrestled with giving her the diaries and faces the dilemma of being truthful with his sister, not only about their parents, but their less than idyllic childhood.

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My Thursday Throwback

A Sensual Saturday

As a hurricane barrells down on Houston, trouble winds are blowing for Scott & Zelda. The happily ever after is right within reach but a blast from Scott's past gives Zelda and much clearer picture of who she may be marrying.

Pip and Michael are struggling to move thier relationship forward but Zelda's brother is confronted with a harsh new reality, a truth, he didn't want to face.

Together, Scott & Michael seek a resolution by painting the town red in a day out in Vegas, no one will soon forget. 

Listen here

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A Marvelous Monday

Scott arrives at Zelda's office to steal her away for a quiet weekend. However, he failed to tell her the getaway was with his family.

The laughs are plenty, the moments tender, and the love overflowing as Scott & Zelda are just steps closer to their happily every after.

Listen here

Scott and Zelda return to Kentucky but little does she know, her hairy hunk has been making plans.

Come to Kentucky for the finale of the Zelda files and read the last entry into her diaries. Enjoy the love, and share the laughs as we head into a Marvelous Monday.

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A unique 'meet cute'

A romance for the not so handsome, not just perfect heroine, but the every day Joe who gets the girl in the end.

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