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La Sheera Lee, Literary Agent

SBR Media Literary Agency

 (434) 489-9454 

Olivia Gaines
PO Box 5027

Augusta, GA 30916

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Check back often. I am always on the road or doing something. Find out when I'll be in your neck of the woods.

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As the ninth son among twelve siblings, Peter yearns for a life outside the confines of his family, where he can bcome the person he aspires to be. The stage is set for a love story that proves there is faith in love. 

#MMOB Book 17
Pre-Order Here: ->

Book Signing March 16th, Laney Museum, Augusta, 5:30pm

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Head Above
Troubled Waters


Haunted by Luther Pennington, her former client turned relentless stalker, Kenji finds herself trapped in a perilous game of obsession. Determined to shield herself from Luther's relentless pursuit, she pretends to be engaged to Christopher Flynn, her brother's lifelong best friend.

As Kenji and Christopher embark on this charade, a tempestuous whirlwind of emotions ensues. Sparks ignite and passions intensify, leading to a captivating tale of forbidden desires and unexpected connections.

Welcome home to Venture, Georgia and getting to know Christopher Flynn. Coming October 24th.


Fall in Love with me

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I love my UK readers. I was just interviewed by Kenny MacKay on the @Author Your Dream podcast, where we talked about Writing Romance. If you are interested, you can check out the full episode here:

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