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Check back often. I am always on the road or doing something. Find out when I'll be in your neck of the woods.

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 Journal with me on Thursdays! 

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Required items for class.

1. Traveler’s Journal

2. Double tipped markers

3. A good journaling pen

4. Stickers if you have them

5. A desire to have a good time

The link will be provided each week. The Zoom sessions ***WILL NOT*** be recorded.

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It had to be the dumbest idea she’d ever had in her entire adult life, but desperation covered the slim body of Philomena Stephenson like a fine sheen of sweat. Her eyes ran over the ad several times, then she printed her words, proofed them once more before going back to the computer and clicking the send button. She would hire a hero to take home with her to her Grandpa's birthday.

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Keoni Wiles lived a structured life working as a librarian at the Cleveland Avenue Branch in Atlanta. A burgeoning relationship with an equally boring boyfriend Carlton Gear, one of the best accountants in the musical industry, left her engine in a permanent idling state. Craving a shake up in her monotonous life, she joins her good friend Onyx for a fund raiser with The Lady Guardians biker group.

The lady riders offered a day of excitement for Keoni, but the night turned into a magical experience, especially after she meets Carlton's cousin, Dave, a scruffy biker with a sketchy past, a tenuous future and a very sexy presence.

Digging in and wanting to be a part of the female biker group, against Carlton's advice and comfort, clothing isn't the only thing Keoni changes. Climb aboard for a high-octane ride as Keoni reorganizes her life by Shifting Gears and donning the pink and black leather as a Lady Guardian.

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