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I can't get all of the books on one page. A good number of the early works have been archived. The more popular works, serials and series are on this page. Click, read enjoy.  Thanks for being a bibliophile. 

Yunior is on the loose!

Blind Copy

The Technicians

A ten-year-old running for her life climbed into the back of Mr. Exit’s shop. She had one request, help me save my mothers. 

Operating solely on the intel of the kid, he stages a rescue operation. Mr. Exit stopped worrying about all the things leaving his life and began to concentrate on three people who entered his world with a bang.

Katherine Moves to Kansas (1).png
Lobster, Bisques, & Berries

E Book and Paperback Available

Lakota Simjak is nothing like he looks. A laid-back kind of fella that takes life as it comes, while enjoying the simple beauty of the day to days. However, the lonely nights and eternal mornings tells him it’s time for a change. He wants a wife.

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Nominated for the BijouExcellence Award
Wyoming Nights

E Book and Paperback Available

In one night, she lost everything she loved. In one man she learned to love everything she lost. Starting over, never felt so damned good.

Maple Sundaes

Modern Mail Order Bride

Evan Eaton spent three years waiting for the right Mail Order Bride to bite the hook. Time was not on his side and the note was coming due. He had to marry and produce an heir.

Leta Feldman was tired of the bad guys winning. To prevent Evan from losing everything, she took a chance, packed everything she owned and headed to New Hampshire to marry the man whose letters spoke of a sadness which jumped off the linen paper.

Death ofEternity (1).jpg

in Savannah

Jesse Orison knew he was on borrowed time, but he had a plan. Savannah was set to marry another guy in a year. Experience had taught him that a man could make a lot of things happen in 12 months.

His first priority starting next week, was to make her fall in love with him.

Death ofEternity.jpg


Naima Russell is excited to start a new adventure on a free weekend getaway. Her weekend becomes complicated when a casual acquaintance wants to be something more. 


Derrick Jackson, is world renown for his love songs and ballads. 

The Technicians

Just because he's bad, doesn't mean he doesn't have a propensity to do good. He just doesn't do it for a living. Pair a specialized agent with a woman or a man in trouble, then we have a story. Every now and I then I throw in an adorable kid. Hey, who doesn't love a cute kid.

The Modern Mail Order Brides

Matchmaker for the masses, Coraline Newair has been matching mail order brides to lonesome lovers for years. As a matter of fact, it's in her blood and lineage. Her family has been in the business of matching brides to handsome handy men since the first wagon trains rolled west. She's still at it and having fun while working.

The Blakemore Files

Odessa Trodat started her day excited to do a little shopping in Puerto Vallarta. Nearly kidnapped by human traffickers, she was saved by Saxton Blakemore, only to find herself in a bigger pickle; handcuffed and married to him.

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