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Content Marketing that Kills


Content marketing is in use everywhere


Content marketing has been lapped up by both internet marketers and online surfers.

Content marketing has been lapped up by both internet marketers and online surfers. Using this media allows one to express his ideas and allows the other to read and enjoy. No wonder there are more and more people signing up each day to blog sites and people are publishing relevant articles on their websites in a bid to attract more and more people.

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Content marketing is in use everywhere because it is only the words that allow explaining. Different channels use different types of content marketing, be it the newsletter, email marketing, blogging, publishing, website content, etc. Content is in demand everywhere.

Content is easy to create. I use Creative Market. You can buy an entire bundle of templates to use In Canva.com for less than $10. I picked a real estate template because they are more versatile. You can easily see putting in characters, places, scenes for your social media. This pack is $9 and has 130 templates which basically equates to 130 separate posts for your social media. You're welcome.

Content marketing is virtuous by its own nature, firstly because it has the power of attracting traffic long after the content has been published. More traffic will continue if the content is good and has something visitors find interesting. Content needs to be interesting and informative however, if you want the visitors to continue coming in.

So how will you attract traffic to your website using content marketing? You can also use a subscription service which provides fresh content monthly. I use Pixistock. I can select my content based on color or theme and each month, there is a whole month of content right for the plucking and it loads into my Airtable.com, which loads into Socialchamp.io to create my one click content.

Yes, this is my face too when I do my social media scheduling for the month in one day.

Include links, this it is obvious all content you publish should contain related links which take the reader to your website. However, unabashed advertising of products has not yet been looked upon kindly by the ezine public. This attitude towards advertising is right and does keep the spirit of informative advertising afloat.

It's up to you how you visually chose to share your content and what story you tell, but the end desire is all the same. The content creates clicks and clicks create sales.

It is important to maintain information levels when using content marketing. While browsing many of us have come across articles which have practically no informative value. Obviously if you want to write more articles on the same subject, slowly the matter diminishes and what remain to be filled are the futile words.

Spinning content can provide some respite from this problem, but it is necessary that you do not publish these articles with same ezine, instead make sure the information rich rewritten articles reach as many article directories as you can. The above can help you maintain information level and attract a lot of visitors from different directories.

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