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Digital Notebooks

So, like, the coolest digital notebooks out there? They give you that real paper vibe but with a modern twist that makes organizing your stuff super easy. Whether you're jotting down notes in a meeting, making a to-do list, or just venting in your journal, the last thing you want is for it to vanish into thin air or accidentally end up in the trash. Some of these babies make you feel like you're doodling on a classic notepad with a trusty pen, while others are hooked up to the internet and come with a bunch of extra bells and whistles.

Let’s take a look and see what is available to spend your tax refund on this year.

The ReMarkable

  • WORK WITH WORD AND POWERPOINT – Quickly transfer Microsoft documents to your paper tablet to continue drafting and reviewing documents or slides by hand.

  • SHARE YOUR WORK – Instantly send your work via email, or sync files with cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Retails for about $549. See more here

The Kindle Scribe

  • THE ONLY KINDLE WITH A DIGITAL NOTEBOOK AND PEN – Read and write down thoughts in books or a separate notebook, distraction free. Selected one of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2023.

  • EXPLORE KINDLE NOTEBOOKS – A digital notebook you can write on. Journal, sketch, take notes, and more.

  • CONVERT HANDWRITTEN NOTES TO TEXT – View or share your notes with contacts and browse notes on the go through the Kindle app.

  • Retail Price $419. Find out more here

The Rocketbook Core

  • [Seamlessly Connect PEN→PAPER→DIGITAL] Experience the timeless feel of pen to paper writing with the digital connectedness of a tablet.

  • [Remarkable Productivity] Unlock the magic of converting handwritng to digital text with Rocketbook Core. Integrated smart features and the impressive Rocketbook App effortlessly save, search, and organize your writing- eliminating retyping hassles.

  • [Reusable-Just Add Water] Ditch piles of wasteful single-use paper with Rocketbook Core. Scan notes to the cloud, then wipe pages clear with the included cloth and reuse again and again. 1 Core = 100+ notebooks! Eco-friendly and efficient!

  • Retail Price $32 Find out more here

Moleskin Smart Writing Notebook

  • INCLUDES: Redesigned digital Smart Pen, Smart Notebook with N-coded paper, magnetic USB recharging cable, and 1 pen tip ink refill. Designed with N-Code technology, which allows the Smart Pen to capture each stroke and store a digital copy of your notes.

  • FROM PAGE TO SCREEN: Companion app seamlessly transfers what's written on the page to your device, digitizing your notes & allowing you to notate, share, search, edit, & organize what's on paper. The app is both Android & Apple compatible.

  • MULTIMEDIA: Notes can be edited, deleted, transcribed and colored in real time. Share your drawings and notes as an image, a PDF or export directly on Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Option to back up your content on Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Retail Price $279 Find out more here

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