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How to Use My Reading Journal

Olivia Gaines

Okay, so me and my favorite #librarian put together a small journal for keeping up with your reading.

A Reading Journal for Voracious Readers- The ideal gift for the book lover in your life Voracious readers all have the same problem, trying to remember that book, by that author, you know the one with the horse in it. We have come up with a solution.

  • Printed on dot grid cream paper.

  • Pages for fiction and non-fiction reviews.

  • Pages to color.

  • Pages to doodle.

  • Pages for the entire kit & kaboodle.

  • Pages to journal your visits to literary landmarks and libraries. We’ve even included a few for you.

This journal includes review pages listing the title, author, genre, start & finish dates, & the book format read or heard.

6x9 inches with plenty of space to write your thoughts. Fits perfectly into a backpack or tote.

  • Includes an index in the back of the book.

  • Pages at the back for your To Be Read list

You can get it here on Amazon.

I wanted to make it a little easier with a template for the images.

Here is the link to the template to drop in your images for My Reading Journal.

Instructions: 1. Log in to Canva 2. Then click the link 3. You can drag and drop in book covers, images of you, your reading space, or you in front of your favorite display in your local library. 4. There is a template for your favorite podcasts as well. 5. Once you open the template, you can easily duplicate the page to keep up with your reading.

Click here to get the free template to drop in your images and print with this really great reading book.

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