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LaBrea...time travel to Dumbville

I don’t know if many of you remember The Land of the Lost, about a family that was thrown back in time. Each Saturday morning we sat glued to the television watching the Marshall family fight off Sleestacks and bizarre creatures from a prehistoric time. The Marshall family fell over a waterfall on a camping trip or something similar, leaving the family to fight for survival. Survival in a time long ago.

Fast forward to 2021, the same lame concept has been reapplied, with fresh NBC regular faces, only this time a giant sink hole opens on LaBrea, in California, by the LaBrea tar pits. A group of very attractive, multi-racial, with varying accents, drop through the hole. A hole in time. Episode one the rag tag crew are dropped in from all over the place, eventually gathering in an open field with no covering.

Of course the first search is for food, water, but no one is thinking about shelter. Enter the prehistoric timber wolves who drag off the sketchy father of two young ladies. The son of our heroine is bitten, launching her into Super Mom mode to find the ambulance with life saving meds. She is accompanied by the only doctor in the crew.

The doctor is attacked by a saber tooth tiger, knocked over a cliff and he can’t feel his legs. Meanwhile, back at the camp, the crew places all their food in the middle of quad, and along comes a giant sloth and eats all their food.

Inserting my level of interest here.

This series has the potential to be really good, but it needs fresh writing. None of these people are in survival mode. Even having witnessed a saber tooth, a giant sloth, and fresh clean air - this group still can’t seem to get it together with night falling rapidly around them. A-la-Lost.

There are simple measure that should happen in thisn situation. Shelter is the first priority. The water. Sanitation followed by food, but there Artie one or two weapons and no one is using them to hunt food.

Yeah, changing the channel in search of intelligent life in the virtual universe.

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