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A note from the mailbox.

Hello Ms Gaines,

I love your stories and I'm kicking myself for taking so long to read the Blackmore's series. So, how can I digitally purchase ... Bounty and The Bounty: Lizzie's Vengeance? I'm kind of desperate for those two titles down here in New Zealand. They are currently not available on Amazon.



Good morning Leah and New Zealand.

Thank you for reaching out and being a bibliophile. Lizzie was one of the first short stories that I ever wrote with another publisher. The character, Lizzie, has appeared in the Blakemore Files and more recently in “Killers” with Yunior Delgado. She also has a history with one of The Technicians, Mr. Yield.

Lizzie, is also an employee of The Company and is a “technician” herself, with the handle Mrs. Hump, a femme fatale.

She will get her own story in Blind Side. My intention is to include both The Bounty and Lizzie’s Vengeance in this one book.

I shall keep you posted.

Loads of love,

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