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Love Thy Neighbor...

What if the neighbor was a sexy cop?

A sexy cop who you know is going to be a lot to handle.

A man, who really plays zero games, is very upfront, and did I mention, you know is going to be a lot to handle? The smart thing to do is to set the rules up front.

Come fall in love with me...

Ricky Barnes waited patiently for the right moment, the right woman, and the right time to make a move in life. All three converged one sunny Tuesday Morning when Consuela Carter blew through a four-way stop, going fifteen miles over the speed limit in a school zone. Luckily, school was out, but everything about Consuela drew him in.

Consuela Carter felt the chemistry immediately when Officer Handsome walked up to her driver’s side window. The traffic stop was only the start of a courtship that included thrifting, home renovation projects, and an odd road trip.

Ricky and Consuela soon realize that they shared more in common than an interest in swatches of color. The connection between them was just the ticket for a beautiful journey together in life. A journey, they looked forward to embarking upon.

Available in Kindle Unlimited.

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