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March: Building Your Romance Library

I have been tasked by the Romance Writers of America to curate the ideal 100 books every romance reader, writer, or library should possess. Feel free to shoot me an email if you can think of a must-read, in classic literature, as well as a gotta-have series for any bookshelf.

Reflections Of You (Santos Brothers)

by Celeste Norfleet

Cautious and conservative architectural designer, Angela Lord, didn't know quite what to expect when she decided to fly to Puerto Rico to learn the truth about her family background. She was stunned to discover that, not only was she the exact double of handsome club owner Marco Santos' dead wife, but that someone would go to any lengths to keep Angela from uncovering the past. And the closer Angela gets to Marcos' dangerously sensual fire, the more she and Marco must reveal each other's deepest truths if they are to survive love forever...

Marilyn Morgan, R.N. by Rubie Saunders

Marilyn Morgan was thrilled with her job at City Hospital. Despite her parents' objections, nursing was the career she wanted--and she had absolutely no intention of rushing headlong for the label of "wife." But there was Sam, dependable and eager to tie her down...and Henri, wealthy and offering luxury she had never dreamed...and Bill, full of fun and family plans for the future...and Matt, especially Matt.

Suddenly Marilyn was forced to face the most important question of her life. Would she ever find a man who understood the proud longings of her heart? Or was sacrificing her career to be the going price for love?

Killer Chameleon

Former D.C. cop Leigh Ann Warren is starting a new job and looking forward to a blissful wedded life. But someone is not willing to let her escape so easily -- a lethal adversary with a grudge who's determined to make Leigh Ann pay ... and keep paying.

What begins as a series of petty harassments quickly escalates into more serious crimes, as a stranger driven by hate and unburdened by conscience steals Leigh Ann's identity to threaten her extended family. And when her invisible enemy graduates to murder, Leigh Ann realizes that there's only one way to take back her life and stop the terror: She must beat a killer at her own twisted game.

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1 Comment

That's wonderful, Olivia!

What a terrific honor?!

My list would include anything by Brenda Jackson (especially, the Westmorelands) and Beverly Jenkins (the Old West series)!

Seriously, no library would be complete without the works of both these two authors!

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