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Mr. Exit is Suiting Up

I figured after such a dark story with Tempest in Book 4, I had to come back hard, strong and deep. Unfortunately, the healing Tempest needed couldn’t be addressed in a way that I felt wasn’t trite and contrived. Tying her story up with a bow didn’t seem right, so I didn’t do it. Tempest has a long road ahead, but she will get there.

This time around I wanted to take you on a different kind of journey. I’m also introducing you to a new kind of hero stuck in a 10 year olds body.

There are times when she is every bit of ten and other moments she’s able to speak a truth that hovers on the obvious. In all of those moments you are rooting for the kid to get what she wants. Karli simply wants a family, a home with lots of books and to feel safe.

Yes, it helps to have one of the baddest #technicians on the crew as the man she chooses to call Daddy.

The funny thing is, no one ever realizes how lonely they are until they are no longer around people who make them feel whole.

Karli comes into Mr. Exits life bringing a tidal wave of emotions to a man who was convinced his emotional well had run dry. He wants to be her hero, the protector and the man she looks to for guidance.

Karli sets off more than just his emotions. The young lady makes him start to ask questions. The answers which he unearths, takes you deeper into the organization.

In the end, the healing for them all can begin, but first trouble is awakened adding a new layer to the adventure.

Tuesday. Get ready. Click now and prepare for the most fun you'll have reading.

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Lisa Tho
Lisa Tho
Sep 06, 2020

Please keep writing I really enjoy your 📚


Lisa Tho
Lisa Tho
Sep 06, 2020

I absolutely adored the little girl in this story!! Apart from Mann this is my favourite, but I haven't read the other books so this may changed.

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