Mr. Merge Crashed the Party

Great news! I just finished writing Blind Copy and it is with the editor. Mr. Merge makes a cameo at the end of Mr. Exit’s story.

Joel is an interesting dude. This is his biological father, who was named this week on my Facebook Page. Congrats Devron Veasley, who had the most votes for Robert Earl or Beauregard Lee. This is the father of Joel Lee, who is Mr. Merge.

SInce both names were in there Devron Veasley, his official name will be Robert Earl Beauregard Lee.

I want Joel to be very different; kind of an odd duck who likes his privacy, plants and loves his two cats. I know, a man that has cats has an issue with fidelity, but Joel has a special hobby.

No, I can’t tell you what it is yet. I can introduce you to the cats.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

If you are a member of my private reading group on Facebook, the voting has commenced.

Joel is technically proficient in poisons. The top three names for the cats are as follows:

1. Arsenic & Old Lace

2. Hemlock & BellaDonna

3. Oleander & Nightshade

I‘m interested to hear your thoughts.

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