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Mr. Merge is here.

Family can be a dirty word. Mr. Merge has lived alone for the better part of his life fighting the good fight for those in need of help. He wasn’t prepared when a young man showed up on his doorstep in need of assistance.

A young man sent by the Archangel.

Little did Mr. Merge know, the Archangel had more plans for his favorite mentee.

Let’s see, there is Dexter, Ayana, oh yeah, Tootie the podiatrist, One Way, Oleander and Nightshade, the cats, also Castor Bean the Mule; I’ll stop here, but you keep going.

Pack your bags as we head to Monroe County, Arkansas to the Williams Family Farm where Mr. Merge cleans up and makes himself a family.

A Note from Olivia:

I realized, and Lord only knows what I was thinking, that I'm on the road tomorrow, April 28th. So I released this gem for you today.

This is Oleander and Nightshade, Mr. Merge's cats.

Well, they don't actually belong to him. These cats belong to no one, but he maintains a blog on cat and cat behavior, called "The Cat Daddy."

I know.

He's just cool.

The cats, aren't the only members of Mr. Merge's growing family.

This is Castor Bean, the old mule.

This is Old Lace.

This is my vision of One Way, the master assassin. He has a run-in with Karli that changes the man. It is actually rather cute.

This is Doc Tootie. She's a woman with a heart of gold.

And of course, this is Joel Thomas. We know him as Mr. Merge the poisons specialist. He tells you a great deal about who he is and what he does for The Company.

Alright, enough of my yammering.

Here are the links.

and of course on Amazon.

Happy reading!

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3 Kommentare

Michelle Dennis
Michelle Dennis
04. Mai 2021

I loved this story. Now I can't wait to read about One Way! As a side note, I will need a "family" tree chart. Everyone is so interconnected I need to see how all the "dots" are connected!

Gefällt mir
Michelle Dennis
Michelle Dennis
04. Mai 2021
Antwort an

Excellent, I can't wait! And thank you for your great imagination and your ability to put it all in words.

Gefällt mir
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