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Mr. Slow is in your "Blind Spot"

Mr. Slow arrives on January 24, 2023, and I don't think you're ready for this one.

I must be honest with you, this one will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Inside this story is another story, layered in with painstaking effort, to give you an image, of a much larger picture. At the basis of it all, is what the #technicians are all

What makes a family?

He is awarded a gift so precious, he's not sure what to do with it, but then, he realizes what he's always wanted, is sitting next to him.

The man he's always wanted to become materializes before his eyes and he steps up to the plate with his heavy-duty bat, ready to swing wide.

And everything begins to blossom.

The blossoming occurs, not only in the child, but also in the man. A man, who has worked beside people for years, who had no real idea who this man is...but they are soon going to find out. His past also returns, taking notice, and understanding, she too, has a new path to walk, and her real story, is also just beginning.

I truly look forward to you reading this novel. It concludes the Southeastern Construction Crew of the Directions, and we are introduced to a new region of #technicians. There are cameo appearances from the Western Crew as well as a few hints of fruity flavor.

I am pleased to formally introduce you to Mr. Slow, the cousin of the Archangel. You met him as he cared for Hump in his cabin, and cooked the hearty stew while he stood guard over her. His name is Michael Isaac Neary.

He's your new hero. Click, and prepare yourself to fall in love, not once, not twice, but he's going to take you there at least three times. (WINK).

Pre-order here

Coming January 24, 2023

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