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My Weekend TBR...

Once upon a time, in a shiny, gilded palace high in the sky, Madison Harper used the magic of song to soothe a temperamental giant, Drake Titan. While Drake owns most of the world, his need for more meant he could never capture the fair Madison’s heart.

For Jackson Tiller a stranger’s offer of a lucky coin in trade for Jackson’s mother’s old car seems like the answer to his every prayer. The exchange sends him off to a job he doesn’t want, but is exactly what he needs. A mailroom clerk at The Palace, he has the freedom to roam within the building, including the top-floor penthouse where a woman’s voice draws him in.

Could a second flip of the coin win him her heart?

Madison may be the unofficial queen of the palace, but after meeting Jackson, she realizes there is more to life than the security of money. Will Jackson be able to overcome the Giant and take all he possesses for his own? Or will the giant discover the most precious commodity is love, leaving Jackson to his own demise as Drake finally captures the woman Jackson could only covet from afar.

Stalked - A Jack and The Beanstalk retelling, one of many Enchanted Bedtime Stories.

Next on the list is this

Lauren had patiently waited all her life for her wedding day. Vowing celibacy, saving every dime, and borrowing every nickel just to make one day of her life perfect from start to finish.

Yet, with all her planning she didn’t plan for HIM… the one man who has intentions of destroying everything she waited all her life for, but why? She had never done anything to him!

Tyler Black tried all his life to deny the monster was, but everything inside of him needed to quench the thirst for revenge no matter what the consequences were. In his mind there was nothing pure or innocent left in the world and he would destroy anything or anyone trying to be who they weren't.

This is a multicultural romance suspense standalone to the Black Family Series from Award Winning Author and Mompreneur, Sylvia Hubbard. Check out other books on her website or follow her on social media for updates, news and more!

My final one for the weekend read is

She’s dangerously curvy.

Together, they create chaos and destruction.

Because of that, they should stay away from each other. But not being with her isn’t an option for him.

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