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New Book Alert: Silent Nights

I am releasing a stand alone, sexy short, on Kindle Unlimited. It is not part of any series.

It is a story about a man losing his hearing. The less he is able to hear the better he learns to listen.

Joshua Langdon is going deaf. He is not hard of hearing his parent's constant hounding for him to find a wife or his sister’s consistent meddling to set him up with a nice girl. To quiet the noises, he agrees to attend an art show, given by a hippie artist who paints penises and has three first names. He never expected to like the woman, and somehow, after a weekend together, he can’t imagine his life without her.

Ellen Diane Amanda's latest pet project was to provide accessible art for the hearing and the visually impaired. After mastering sign language, she sets out to make a difference. Her intentions are sidetracked when a sexy man walks into her art show, making her body demand his undivided attention. Her plans were for the night. The night turns into the possibility of a couple of forevers.

The problems arise when the future she imagines, doesn’t coincide with the reality of his illness. Through patience and understanding, Joshua comes to terms with a potentially different life, with an oddball of woman who listens with her heart. It was the things he didn’t hear which made him love her all the more.

Come home to Georgia and meet Grandpa Ollie, Cousin DeVante, and friends as we fall in love with Joshua and Ellen. Grab a paintbrush and easel to join us down at the pond for festive days, silent nights, and love bursting off the page.

Click here for an October 25th delivery. https://amzn.to/3fzGJpL

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1 Comment

Sonia Gallimore
Sonia Gallimore
Oct 05, 2022

I looking forward to reading this book. I loved the preview that was in Blind Side.

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