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Olivia Gaines is at the #Crossroads with A Soldier for Hire

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Philomena's short term solution just may lead to long term love.

It had to be the dumbest idea she’d ever had in her entire adult life, but desperation covered the slim body of Philomena Stephenson like a fine sheen of sweat. Her eyes ran over the ad several times, then she printed her words, proofed them once more before going back to the computer and clicking the send button. She would hire a hero to take home with her to her Grandpa's birthday.

Setting: Thompson, Georgia

Philomena's conservative family has lived on a family plantation for generations. A family or hardened soldiers, battled tested and medal wearers, had no room for the baby of the family's liberal boyfriends.

The upcoming 90th Birthday of her Grandfather pushes Philomena to take desperate measures and place an ad for a soldier who speaks the language of her family.

Secrets are revealed for both Philomena and her hero, Jade Cooper.


Jade Cooper, 1SGT, US Army, Retired

Jade Cooper, retired First Sergeant, an Infantryman and former Drill Sergeant, who was Airborne and Air Assault qualified, a Jungle Warfare Expert, a Level IV Combat Trainer, and the recipient of a Purple Heart for being wounded in battle, and who also happened to be the last applicant in her quest for the perfect partner for the charade.

Philomena Stephenson, Make Up Artist, Special Effects Creator

Make up artist and creature concept designer for movie makers in the San Fernando Valley. Jade Cooper found himself impressed when he discovered she'd earned many awards and even an Oscar nod for special effect makeup.

However, her family knows nothing about how she makes her living. The Stephensons are in for a big surprise when sweet Philomena returns home with the fake husband her family didn't know she had.

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