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Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

What can I say, I have a journal addiction and am always on the lookout for notebooks, journals, and writing tools to aid in my #authorlife and #writinglife.

Today, I happily opened my Amazon goodie box to receive my latest orders, the Beyong Ruled A5 leather journal with thick, recycled paper. The journal is available in five colors and I chose the blue.

I think I should have chosen the crown one to see the detailing etched in the cover. The prices is right at $8, but it doesn't tell you how many pages are in the notebook. After scrolling down on the product page, I see it has 200 pages, which equates to 100 sheets. Each page has only 18 lines, so if you have more to say on that day, you may need to turn the page.

The washi tape is another story.

7 Rolls Basic Collection Decoration Vintage Washi Tape Set

Soooo pretty

10 Rolls Basic Collection Decoration Vintage Washi Tape Set

Vintage Green Washi Tape Set, ZMLSED 8 Rolls Antique Mushroom Japanese Masking

WRITABLE & Removable & Reusable

Made from premium Japanese paper washi material. The tape is odorless and doesn't have that sticky glue that gets all over everything or peels apart when you try to use it.

I use these to personalize your own journals and give the pages a professional look.

I'm writing the review in combination because I will use these two products together. I think it will give my journal a fresh clean look, that I can show off and make all my writing buddies have journal envy.

Together, these make a great gift for your holiday shopping and the writer in your life.

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