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Really Good Writing Software

When it comes to writing software, we are all looking for the next best, and latest thing to make pulling the story together easier.

I think I have tried them all.

Other Writing Apps I've tried and didn't really care for in the long run.

Oh yeah. I also have

My winner is Living Writer. I LOVE the templates. This way, I'm almost assuredly won't miss a story element.

J ust like Google Docs, LivingWriter is completely cloud based and your writing is saved constantly to the cloud. In the past I have lost stories with other writing apps. However, this software is not tailored to screenwriting.

You can also use this to write blog posts.

Here are the best features.

  • Sidebar separates your chapters, subchapters, and story elements

  • Drag and drop chapters and subchapters to reorganize

  • Easy access, organization, and detailing of all your story elements (characters, themes, locations, etc)

  • Detailing of story elements includes photos, description, notes, and history

  • Smart Text Feature that recognizes your story elements and auto-suggests them as you type. This also hyperlinks the word to pull up all your notes and descriptions of the story element. No other book writing software has this feature, by the way.

  • View and edit all of your notes and descriptions on the right sidebar

  • Option to collapse sidebar for a full-screen view

  • Import from Docx and Doc files

  • The option to view all of your scenes and chapters on a “virtual corkboard”

  • Pre loaded template of time tested novel writing outlines such as (Three Act Structure, 27 Beat Chapter Plotting, Dan Harmon’s Story Circle, etc) with easy guidance on how to fill them in with your ideas

  • Share the whole story or separate chapters

  • Live collaboration with anyone you share your story with

  • Auto save every keystroke to the cloud with exponential storage and backup

  • Revision history saved every few 10 minutes

  • Name each revision history

  • Export to Amazon manuscript templates, PDF, docx


  • The cleanest interface of all the writing apps with the most user-friendly (modern) UI UX design

  • Easy free trial and sign up process. There’s no downloading a program, you just sign in and start

  • Feature dense for writing books with smart text, outline templates, story elements, etc.

  • Cloud-based and autosave every keystroke

  • Easy live collaboration with anyone you share your story with

  • Companion apps for iOS and Android


  • Not tailored to screenwriting.

Free for 14 Days then $9.99/month

Happy Writing

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