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Rolling in the Dough

I admit it. I have been watching the British Baking Show and smelling myself. I actually went into my kitchen and tried to make something I couldn't pronounce, and still can't spell and wasted six eggs, half a bag of flour, and created a sticky, lopsided dough monster.

However, I am nothing if not creative and inventive. The original idea was to make cinnamon rolls, but I didn't feel like measuring the temp of hot water to make sure my yeast didn't overcook. I also didn't feel much like waiting for the dough to rise.

Do you know what I did? I went to Wally World and went to the pie crust section searching high and low for dough, and viola, pizza crust. It is dough that has been proven and all I have to do is roll it out, and make scrumptious edibles. So this is where I tell you how I am rolling in the dough.

Same dough, different delight.

There are tons of recipes out there to try to recycle leftovers and more. You can start here on the Pillsbury site.

Find more recipes here

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