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The Construction Crew- The Technicians

Traffic signs are important to being safe when entering a construction zone. This far you’ve been introduced to The Mann, Mr. Stop, Mr. Yield and Wrong Way. Up next is a Blind Copy a story of two people meant for each other and you are introduced to Mr. Exit the Human Resources Specialist.

Raphael Ian Hoyt is Mr. Exit. He specializes in terminations of those employees who can make it bad for the companies which employ trouble makers. The word on the street is if you see him coming, it’s already too late.

Mr. Exit is book 5 of the ten. Wrong Way in Book 4, makes a reference to the other technicians you have yet to meet. In Book 5, Mr. Exit makes an unorthodox visit to Mr. Mann and they have a candid discussion about their coworkers. A great number of clues and information is revealed, including Mann’s feelings about Falling Rocks the accident specialist and One Way an assassin with a few issues. It’s not that he’s afraid of these two but he sure as hell doesn’t want to break bread with either of them. Mr. Exit feels the same away about Mr. Merge.

All that is left is Mrs. Hump the femme fatale and Mr. Slow, a technician who comes your way when the requirements for your demise is requested to be slow and painful.

That is all ten technicians.

It’s time to start thinking about your specialty as a trainee. Take the exam and learn about the special meanings plus your potential handle.

Good luck. Admin @ The Company

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