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The countdown begins...

My editor said "wow" when it came back to me.

I wanted to start the wrap up on this installment of the Technicians and answer a few questions. Mainly, I wanted to bring the readers on a journey with Lizzie who answers a great number of questions I had been toying with myself, as well as a few of the readers.

  1. Technically, Lizzie doesn't work for the Archangel, and technically, Gabriel doesn't work for The Company. Lizzie works for Beauty.

Beauty works for The Company as well as a side business with her brother in law Michael Kurtzwilde, who also happens to be the biological father of The Mann.

2. Lizzie wouldn't get a love story since she doesn't really know what love looks like or how it feels to actually be loved. She's learning, but there is a path she needs to travel. The right man, will need to be the one at her side.

Enter, The Doctor.

Please forgive me on my screw up with this one. I did correct the mistake later. He is supposed to be Alvin McSwain, but when I started writing him, in my head, he's always been Elden Thomas, which I mixed up in One Way's story. Please refresh your Kindle if you have not, to get the updated version. He's my Elden.

He's Lizzie's man.

He gets her and understands.

3. Yunior Delgado gave them each his business card, and told them they get to use it one time. Lizzie used the card and she called in her favor.

Technically, she never told him exactly what she needed, but he knew. The moment he looked at her, heard why she played her triumph card, the young Czar figured out the rest.

All in all, I do say wow myself.

It is not a romance. It has elements of romance, but this is pure, unadulterated storytelling, with a kick ass plot that moves the story forward by three leaps and two bounds.

Click here for a September 19th delivery.

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2 則留言

I am so excited. I alread brought my copy.


Alice Yanes
Alice Yanes

I am counting down the days! Thanks for the visuals!!!!!

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