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The Exceed Journal (Product Review)

As you know, I am a journaling junkie. So much so, I host a weekly hang out with me, a dozen or some of my friends, where we get together, journal, and make pretty pages. We even have a Facebook Group. I love journaling and am always on the look out for the best products, for the least amount of money. I am on a journaling budget.

My goal, by the end of the year, is to exhaust my sticker supply, and most of my washi tape, because, I am building my freehand skills with doodles and sketches.

So far, I am happy to report, this is going terribly. However, I'm no quitter.

Recently, I was in Wallyworld and as usual, I'm in the rear of the store, combing the shelves, looking for goodies.

I came across the Exceed notebooks. I purchased two. The hardbound and the softbound. There is a noticeable difference. The yellow is the softbound and the pink is the hardbound.

The difference is in the paper quality.

First the yellow. I love the size of this journal and even considered ordering one in every color to make into my story bibles for my series. Hold on to that thought, we will come back to it.

First, the size of this journal is wonderful for really digging into your visions.

However, the thinness of the paper allows a great deal of bleed through.

I found that I had to really work hard to cover the things I didn't want to eke their way through the pages.

You can still see the bleed through. I will add that my bucket looks good and it was hand-drawn. The flowers are stamped in, but the leaves I did myself.

As for the second journal, it has clearly on the label that is "100 gsm Heavyweight Paper" and comes with "Two page markers".

The good news is that there is no bleed.

The lines were drawn with a 0.8 pen, and does make an imprint into the paper, but it is still not bad.

I think the lightweight journal is ideal for practicing your style and designing. If you are new to journaling and want to learn your way around the process, this is a decent starting journal for less than $10.

Happy journaling!

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