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Thurston and Tae-Tay

The back catalog is going up. I love this couple but I wrote myself into a corner I couldn't get out of in the plot. Thurston does get elected to Congress, but the Presidential race didn't go as many had planned. I didn't want to delve into the political fray and appear to be taking sides.

Yeah, I punked out and backed away.

It is still a great series.

Thurston Cromwell the IV was in trouble. He was twenty minutes away from giving the most important speech of his life and the bad sushi he had for lunch was about to take him down. An angel of mercy appeared to get him through the evening who asked for nothing in return.

TataLavisha “TaeTay” Brown was an enigma of a woman that was nothing like she looked or comparable to the strange name she was given. Something about her stuck with him.

Two months later they both found themselves in a precarious position. One in which Thurston needed a wife and TaeTay needed to get out of Compton.

In a Fed-Ex envelope complete with a printed, cut out engagement ring, Thurston Cromwell the IV asked a special lady to be his wife.

She agreed with a few stipulations. His mail order wife was about to change his life in ways he had never imagined.


In this episode…

Thurston Cromwell IV understands the importance of family. He is intent upon showing his new bride where he grew up, but over the course of the weekend, he learns the real power of family and what it means to be a man of value.

Get ready for a heartwarming read and Douglas in that Spiderman costume as you spend a Weekend with the Cromwells.


We are back. Yes we are, Tae-Tay has a new friend and we learn more about Thurston's best man as he makes his bid for Congress.


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