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Updated Badges

Okay, bear with me as I get this write.

I was sending the badges to the printer and they looked fuzzy. I had to remake them all, but don't worry.

If you have the badges already, don't worry, I have your info and a shitload of stamps. When the new badges come in, I'll get them in the mail to you. These are stickers so if you want to stick them on the books or's easier than buttons.

Although, I do think that having a bit of 'flare' on a book bag, or book vest would be cool.

Here are the badges.

Mr. Yield is the second badge your earn and your first exam. The helping hands badge is all about Brody the Johnson. Four easy questions...Blind Luck will give you the answers to earn this badge.

This is Exam 2, Wrong Way. You must pass the details for Tempest and her background with the Glitter Man to earn this badge. You may have to get your hands dirty with her Blind Fate.

This is Exam 3 and the beginning of your#apprenticeship as a Technician. You must pass Mr. Exit's exam. it should be easy with this Blind Copy.

Mr. Merge is up next...

Good Luck!

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