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Well, a new decade.

I wish I had a great deal to say, but right now, I don't. I'm scrambling trying to make sure both ends can connect in the middle. I'm tired.

I don't have enough time.

I might be getting enough sleep.

I am writing.

Yunior is complete and with the editor. There is two rounds of editing, plus two rounds of proofing, so maybe at the end of February.

I took my time with the story to ensure that all the details are right and you can see the journey of a young man who understands his role to play, but doesn't necessarily like the lines given to the character. So he's rewriting them all.

In the interim he's engaged to a woman he's really not sure about while falling in love with one he knows he can't have.

The second installment is a full length novel. I hope your're going to enjoy the ride.

No pre-orders yet.

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