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Your New Mail Order Bride Has Arrived

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Evan Eaton spent three years waiting for the right Mail Order Bride to bite the hook. Time was not on his side and the note was coming due. He had to marry and produce an heir.

Believing he’d finally found the perfect bride in Claudia, but as the months turned to days and the days turned into hours, he soon realized his bride to be was not going to show. Leta Feldman was tired of the bad guys winning.

To prevent Evan from losing everything, she took a chance, packed everything she owned and headed to New Hampshire to marry the man whose letters spoke of a sadness which jumped off the linen paper.

In a small house on Lake Winnisquam, Evan and Leta share a wedding night dessert of Maple Sundaes and Cider Donuts, savoring the flavors of what it means to fall in love.

Get it here on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

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