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Yunior, my Yunior.

Yuńior Delgado is well-known name that carries with it a certain stigma.

His fiance thinks he’s a spoiled, rich boy prone to follow his impulses.

His father believes he’s the spitting image of himself.

Mr. Yield thinks he’s a sociopath in the making.

Ed doesn’t believe that he’s any of those things as he charts his own course with a new lady on his arm, who sees the true man.

Diadra Parsons just wanted a change in her life. She wasn’t looking for love and definitely wasn’t looking for a man like the one who sent a drink to the bar. The energy between them is palpable and the man who calls himself Ed, offers to change her life with one dance.

Diadra doesn’t know what she agreed to but it sure promises to be a great deal more exciting than her current situation.

Open your hearts, turn the pages and prepare for a bit of love, romance, laughter filled with adventure and fun as you get to know Yuńior.

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1 Comment

Stephanie Hose
Stephanie Hose
Mar 04, 2020

I love Yunior, he is becoming the man he wants to be. He know he has responsibilities and he is willing to do what is needed for his family, but he also want a life for himself. Diadra is his ride or die chick, and she put me in the mind of Yunior stepmother and his aunt. Olivia I really enjoy your writing.

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