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Night Blind


In the chilly dawn of a new life, Shenita finds herself navigating unfamiliar territory. As she grapples with anger and disillusionment, unexpected footsteps herald the arrival of Gabriel Neary, a figure both enigmatic and unsettlingly familiar. Offering coffee and cryptic conversation, Gabriel presents Shenita with a choice: succumb to her rage or channel it into a purposeful path.

Drawn into a world of clandestine mentorship and hidden agendas, Shenita—now rechristened Helen—faces a journey fraught with uncertainty. With Mr. Slow as her guide, she embarks on a quest for redemption, teetering on the edge between salvation and damnation.

As the morning sun illuminates their clandestine pact, Helen grapples with the weight of her decisions. Trusting Gabriel means surrendering to a fate beyond her control, yet the promise of purpose beckons amidst the shadows of her past.

In a tale of redemption and reckoning, "Night Blind" explores the fragile balance between light and darkness, trust and betrayal. As Helen delves deeper into the world of The Technicians, she must confront the demons that lurk within her soul—and decide whether to embrace the monster within or banish it forever.



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Kimbrae, a successful accountant leading a quiet life in Missouri, finds herself drawn into an unexpected journey when her foster brother Jeremy encourages her to explore a mail-order bride service. However, Kimbrae takes control of her destiny and decides to seek a mail-order husband who will join her in Missouri, allowing them both to start anew.

Amid her search, Kimbrae encounters Peter Brown, PhD, a history professor from a prestigious family of deep-rooted faith. As the ninth son among twelve siblings, Peter yearns for a life outside the confines of his family, where he can blossom into the person he aspires to be. Their connection sets the stage for a love story that proves there is somebody for each body who needs someone.

"Show Me" is a novel that delves into the beauty of faith, the power of companionship, and the transformative journey of self-acceptance. Join Kimbrae and Peter on their extraordinary adventure as they navigate the boundaries of love and faith, ultimately discovering the true essence of their identities.

Discover the irresistible charm of "Show Me" and let its pages transport you to a realm of love, desire, and self-realization as we load up the camper and pointing the nose of the truck towards Missouri.



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