Mr. Exit has arrived.

One stop at a road side rest spot, and Mr. Exit picked up more than he could handle.

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Lobsters, Bisques, & Berries

Melody and Lakota, an odd pair that are absolutely perfect for each other. The 2021 Readers Favorite Award Winner.

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The Final Chapter

The young Czar returns and fills you in on the rest of his story... There was so much more that you didn't know.

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"The writing of Olivia Gaines is filled with so much warmth and humor that you do not want her stories to end."

Pepper Pace


"Olivia Gaines creates an unexpected tapestry of humor, carefully handwoven around a full-bodied plot and memorable characters. What do you get when you merge wittiness with romance? An Olivia Gaines book."  

Tiana Laveen, Author of the Race to Redemption Series

"Olivia Gaines has such a unique writing style...She has the ability to draw you into the story and each of the characters.

The BookQueen


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