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Breathing Life into Characters

Recently, being overwhelmed emotionally with quarantine, Covid, political unrest and more, writing has become a challenge.

Friday night we had book club to discuss Mr. Exit, the upcoming arrival of the final Five in the Southeast Construction Crew, I let a bit of information slip.

i didn’t think it was fair for everyone not to know, so here it is.

My muse for the infamous, One Way.

I imagine a deep, moody voice laced with a sensuality that arrives before he does.

Don‘t get it twisted, he very dangerous, deadly and even a bit scary.

“You have One Way...” is how he answers his calls. That is also the mantra he uses as he gives his “assignments“ a choice in how they way or another.

I’m thinking he shall make an early appearance in Blind Turn which is Mr. Merge’s story. However, and let me be clear, his story does not follow Mr. Merge.

Mrs Hump comes after Merge.

One Way follows Mrs. Hump

Falling Rocks comes behind One Way.

and Mr. Slow, is the last story in the Southeast Construction Crew. Did I mention Mr. Slow’s name is Michael Neary.

Michael is an Archangel. Raphael is an Archangel, and so are Joel, Uriel and Gabriel.

Merge’s given name is Joel.

One Way’s given name is Uriel.

Yes, I do get out of the house.

Rami? Wouldn’t that be interesting.

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