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June's Freebie: A Marketing Plan

There are times when I juts no longer count on my memory to get me where I need to go. A few years ago, I began creating workbooks to keep me focused on an track.

One of the hardest aspects of being an #indieauthor is knowing when, where and how to make things happen.

More importantly, does your plan to launch your next bestseller have a definitive plan? I find that most authors are throwing spaghetti on the cabinet doors to test if the pasta is al dente. There is an easier way.

A good marketing goes beyond, "can I post in your groups?" Groups are great, but if an author writes paranormal romance, and has cultivated the group to read what she's written, then me coming to her group with a romantic suspense book would not fly.

So we shall start with a snap shot over view of the book.

(if you click on the image you can access the Canva File)

I think it is important to understand and "market" the "feel" of your book. This also provides you a record to go into your series bible of what you did, when and where for which book.

Next, we will look at the overall promo schedule of ads for the book release.

I like to have five "go-to" sites for my primary marketing plan. I run these ads before, during and after the book launch. Please notice the ads are overlapping.

While the ads are running, I am also making appearances for my book. I do online interviews, blogs, and more.

It seems like a great deal to keep up with, but you also have to have regular content to post so you don't look like a psycho, constantly shouting, buy my book! Show your eaders that you are in fact, an interesting person.

You can mix and match these if need be, but keep it interesting.

Good luck, and happy marketing.

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