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Put A Personal Touch With Cross Fountain Pens

With the emergence of the computer age, online forms, chat rooms, instant messaging, and emails have taken the place of the old-fashioned paper and pen. Now, instead of organizers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets are being used by many executives and students in keeping track of their daily lives. With the convenience of tapping into keyboards and the ease of reading printed out information, finding a handwritten report or receipt has become a rare occurrence. It is amazing how Cross fountain pens have not lost their charm in the digital age. They still remain to be symbols of class and elegance in business meetings and other events.

The Art of Writing

In ancient China, writing was considered an art. In fact, during those times, each character has many forms. Even though computers have replaced the need for brush and ink, we still incorporate artsy Chinese characters in our fashion and home decorations. We can say the same thing for beautifully penned letters and journals that have been preserved by our historians and preserved from our own past. In fact, there is something about our grandparents’ and parents’ journals and old, well-kept love letters that exude an aura of romance and beauty. Writing with your hand does leave an imprint of sweet labor and romanticism that should not be left out of the modern age. Perhaps penning a card or a letter for our sweethearts can be the best way to celebrate her birthday or Valentine’s Day. With the well-shaped nibs of Cross fountain pens and a skilled hand, writing a beautiful letter can be a snap!

Also, in some belief systems, a person’s writing is considered to be a reflection of his personality. Some people practice graphology, a system that allows a person to assess someone’s personality just by looking at his writing. It makes sense because one’s penmanship differs from one person to another. In fact, our own writing can differ according to our moods. We do have a tendency to put too much pressure on the paper when we are angry or frustrated. And, when we are overcome with emotions, our writing can lose its uniformity. So, it would be a good idea to put a personal touch on some of our letters by handwriting them. It would be the best way to give a piece of ourselves to someone who is far away.

If our writing is a reflection of our personality then we would want to be remembered as a person who is sophisticated and classy. Being a pen known for balance and durable nibs, Cross fountain pens can put a touch of elegance in our writing.

A Great Fashion Accessory

Not only does using a Cross fountain pen leave a good impression when we write our letters, it also serves as a wonderful addition to our business suits. Having a beautifully designed pen hooked on the lapel of our jacket or blazer can make us look smart and professional. With the variety of Cross fountain pens available in the market, we can easily find one that suits our style.

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