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Art Journaling in a Vintage Book

During the month of May, we are going to use an old book and turn it into an art journal. You can join in on the fun with and catch up each week using our weekly themes listed below in the graphic.

Your Supplies:

  1. An old book, no more than 100 pages. The best place to get these are at thrift stores or swap meets. Check the paper. You want quality paper that will take glues, inks, paints, and more.

  1. Ephemera Collect your old stickers, lace, ribbon, ticket stubs and crumples of bad story ideas left in wads of paper on the floor.

  1. Pens, Markers Glue and Paints. These are the basic items needed to pull it all together.

  1. Weekly Themes provided for guidance on journaling techniques.

  2. Week 18: Gratitude Week 19: Reflective Week 20: Free Writing Week 21: Junk Journaling Week 22: Health Journal

Have fun hunting for the perfect base to get started in May.

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