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100 Authors Project

Project Scope: 100 Authors across genres, chronicling their daily lives as American writers. Our goal is to document the daily journey of the life an author from the most mundane to eureka moments in finding the perfect word to explain an emotion. The final product upon completion, will be included in the curated collection of diaries at the American Diary Project.

Project time Line:

The marketing campaign launches on November 1st, opening registration. The goal is to obtain at least two authors from every state.

Participants were notified on December 1st and given a supply list.

December 16th, initial Zoom to welcome all the members aboard, explain in detail the concept, what is expected, and the support options available.

Simply put, chronicle and diary your life as an author. If you are a tea drinker, add the tag from the tea bag along with whatever musings were inspired during your tea time. Travel plans, conferences, muses, images, book cover ideas, research ideas, and more.

January 1 through December 31, 2024 chronicle your day.

December 31st, say farewell to your journal and send it to the American Journal Project c/o A Day in the Life of 100 Authors.

Closing It Out: The last page of the journal will be a simple closing, with a personal message of author name, their genre, and how they spent their year, with an autographed last page.

American Diary Project 3925 W 213th St. Cleveland, OH 44126

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