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Autograph Collecting at Conventions

Autograph collecting takes time and concentration in almost every situation. Therefore you don’t want to miss out on great opportunities or chances to pursue your hobby or a chance to add to your livelihood. What greater way is there to collect autographs than at one of your professional, church, political, fraternal, or social convention.

If you are an active individual, and you must be since you are a collector, you will attend one or more conventions each year. You never know who you will meet at these conventions. So when you attend these events be prepared for autograph collecting. Many conventions have noted and well known guest speakers such as politicians, community activists, well known authors, and educators. If you purchase a book by an author and he is a guest at the convention, autograph collecting from that author is almost a sure thing. The nature of the convention will dictate more or less who will attend. Autograph collecting is limited sometimes when a convention is highly specialized, such as a convention for social workers, or a convention for day care workers and some of the other less poplar conventions.

Even if you are not attending the convention it is sometimes possible to mingle among the conventioneers and get some autographs from noted speakers and other persons of interests. When you are autograph collecting you are giving a person a feeling of self-worth. Who will refuse a chance to be recognized in a positive way? Conventions also provide many resources for you to use for autograph collecting. There are usually plenty of handouts pertaining to the convention plus there are other vendors there who are marketing. Some of these vendors hand out some of the things you may need down the road, like pens, pencils, and memo pads. If you by chance meet someone else who is autograph collecting, it affords you a great opportunity to exchange ideas about your collecting interest. It is very important to find out who is at these conventions. Have you ever been to a function and left and didn’t know a certain celebrity was there until you were back home? It is easy to do because at conventions you are not in all the sessions that take place at these conventions. If you are not in a particular session you just don’t know.

People have been known to miss certain sessions at some of these conventions in order to meet and see other people. When you are autograph collecting you have to go where the autograph is. Remember that a renowned individual at a convention is not listed on the program. If they are not involved in the convention in a special way, the person in charge of the convention may not know this special individual is in the audience. It just may be coincidental that this person is in town during the convention. Your autograph collecting can take on a new meaning if you are able to get these autographs.

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