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Creating Images with Ai

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but wouldn't you rather know how, than not?

I am going to show you a few ways I am learning to use AI for my hobbies and social media postings.

No, I do not, will not, and will never use Ai to write my books. I will not and shall not use AI on my book covers.

I will use it to be a menace in creating graphics that I can use.

Let's get started.

I am using Bing. I like the results I get from using the prompts.

If you do not have a Microsoft account, which includes Outlook or Hotmail, you will need to create one to log in.

You will see this image.

I want to create a new quilt. If I can see the blocks and images, then I can easily make it from scraps of fabric.

My prompt: "Create a 12-block quilt pattern of a black ballerina with an afro wearing a tutu of many colors."

Colorful and can easily be replicated. This one included the ruler.

Cute and has possibilities.

She only has one leg....

This would be great for a little girl's quilt.

Okay, now let's get down to business.

I want to create posts and graphics for my upcoming book release, Night Blind.

Prompt: "black woman with short hair drinking tea and reading an action novel named Night Blind"

Pretty cool huh?

Let me show you what else it gave me.

This one, I truly love. I went to my account and worked with it a bit. I added my logo, the actual book graphic, and viola.

Now we have an entire vibe.

I played around with other book titles as well, like here is Blind Spot, which is the first part of Cherry's story.

Then I became an absolute menace.

What? It could happen! Hey, if they have him and King Kong fighting a giant crab and King Kong is wearing a fist by Stark Enterprises, then why not?

The whole point is to have fun with it.

Step into the shadows of 'Night Blind', where clandestine mentorship leads Helen on a journey of redemption laced with danger and desire. #RomanticSuspense

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Alice Yanes
Alice Yanes
Mar 06

I can tell you are having a whole lot of fun with AI! I love all of the ladies reading the cover of Night Blind! Will you incorporate one of them with the male on the cover? I love the Ballerina creations too! Continue to have fun Olivia and please do not forget I am waiting to see how Helen and Cherry handles Stanton Rodgers aka The Collector? I love your novels so much!


Thanks, Olivia. Another way to create the patterns for the Tunisian crochet pillows floating around in my head.

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