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July's Freebie: A Publishing Planner

Publishing books is hard.

I said it. I meant it too. It appears that one who publishes must also have a publishing schedule.

UGHHH. Can't I just write books and stick them out there when I think they are done?

Evidently not.

If I can't just do what I want any way I want, then neither should you.

Get it here

Okay. So as I looked at my year, I needed to see the entire year. I can now decide if I want to release a book every three months, every four months, or two books in the next twelve months.

Okay, I can see the schedule and the books, but wait. This is missing something.

I need to look at the books individually. I need to look at "when" to start writing, "when" to send it to the editor. Once I get it back from the editor, how long do I need to work it, to smooth out the humps before sending it to my proofreader? Am I going to make the pre-order date?

This is a lot of work. In conjunction to write and planning out the targeting dates, I also need to research the characters, historical significances, and oddball professions. Sure a nurse is fine, but what if she was a nurse who specializes in alien recombinant DNA from Omicron Persei 7? Yes, it does exist in our world, and I know you thought it only existed for Fry and Lela, and the popcorn babies they were eating. Oh look it up. See, this is what research can do for you.

Now, I need to take a good look at what other projects I have committed myself those boxed sets. This will need to be added to my overall publishing year as well.

Last, but not least, I need to see the book covers. This one comes with the template link so you can drop in your book covers.

Have fun planning!

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