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Mr. Exit's Badge Is Up

How knowledgeable are you of all things #technician? Well, we are going to put it to the test. Mr. Exit's Exam, which is Exam 3 is available.

Do not take Exam 3 if you have not passed Exam 2 with Wrong Way.

A few people are struggling on Exam 1 with Mr. Yield.

The Exams are easy.

Badge 1- Join the site. Joining the site is free. Once you join the site, you gain access to the Members-only pages.

The next exam is based on a bit of Blind Luck.

The last chapter of the book basically gives you all of the answers.

Here's an insider reference. His job before becoming a #technician, he thought he was a modern-day Indiana Jones. Good Luck.

The next Exam belongs to Wrong Way and you can earn this badge by answering four really easy questions.

Your next badge to be earned belongs to Mr. Exit. His exam is a bit more detailed since Exit provided you with more answers than you realize. He gave you insight into The Company, who he reported to as well as the full members of his Crew.

Okay, so I'm getting soft in my old age and moved all three of these exams to one page, under the Unicorn Academy. Yes, it is named the Unicorn Academy because of that stupid unicorn with the blue horn.

I even moved the page and put everything in one place.

You must pass each exam in order to move on to the next one.

Good Luck

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