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How do you rise above your name? Sometimes it is difficult and many, as we well know, have struggled and fallen. Yet, when you understand who you are and your role, walking the line is not difficult.

I present to you, Peter Brown, Ph.D., history professor, archivist, and amateur photographer.

He is a fun character to write with so much depth. I am playing with the entire concept of how men nest. He was groomed by his father to be a husband and head of a home. He has been nurtured by his mother to give affection and praise freely.

The only thing Peter needs is the right woman to unleash all that love on.

Enter, Kimbrae Phillips.

She's smart, competent and cute as a button. He is immediately drawn to her but more than anything, she wants what he wants, and needs what he has.

She also discovers that Preacher's son is a monster in bed.

The dog is pretty amazing too!

As the ninth son among twelve siblings, Peter yearns for a life outside the confines of his family, where he can become the person he aspires to be. The stage is set for a love story that proves there is faith in love.

#MMOB Book 17 Coming February 2024

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Sep 12, 2023

I have pre-ordered this book, the entire series is good, wish you could release sooner 😉

Olivia Gaines
Olivia Gaines
Sep 13, 2023
Replying to

They are spaced six months apart to keep from burning me out and the reader as well.


Alice Yanes
Alice Yanes
Sep 11, 2023

I pre ordered this book on September 3rd. I am looking forward to the release date so that I can read the full of Peter and Kimbrae's story! Thanks Olivia for the reminder!!!!

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