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Write with Me in Serenity- Week 2

Getting into Character

How did the first week go? Do you have a nice start know what you're writing and feel good about it? I hope so, let's get into character for this next section.

Readers enjoy my stories because my characters are lifelike. I write characters with hopes, fears, hobbies, and traits that make them, well more human.

When writing your primary character, it is important to understand what motivates this person to get out of bed each day. Moreover, what is happening in their lives to push them from the comfort zone of the home they currently reside into starting over in the middle of nowhere Wyoming?

I always start here. Yes, I know how tall my character is, I write romance, therefore, unless otherwise specified, he is at least six feet. No one wants to fantasize about being ravaged by a man who is 5 feet 6. It can work, but I want to look up at him with wanton desire in my eyes. There is also something rather comforting to be embraced, and his chin rests on your head. I am inserting a loud sigh here.

Now, to make the character interesting in a short amount of words, they must have a hobby or an unusual skill. This skill can pop up at the most inopportune, or opportune moment in the story. This skill can also change how others view this person.

Moving on to the secondary character, or love interest. Who says it has to be a human? It can be an animal that means the world to the primary character. I wrote one story where my hero first falls head over heels in love with a daughter he never knew he had, and by loving her with everything in him, he was also able to learn how to love her mother.

Introducing a love interest can be tricky. I love to write smart women, smart, not bossy, or pushy. They are capable and bring a little something to the table and the conversations are great. Don't cheat the reader, give these two a point of connection to make those sparks.

The Inciting Incident: This is the event that sparks or propels the character on their journey. It doesn't have to be a house burning down, or walking in on a lover in the throes of passion with some one else. However, there must be a catalyst to make the character get a move on. If you are writing this section, it should take you up to 750 words, and into page 3.

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