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Write with Me in Serenity- Week 6

Pinch Point #2

Pinch Point #2: this scene serves as a reminder of the antagonist as well as what’s at stake. The reader gets a clear idea of what the price will be for both success and failure. The tension starts to build toward the climax and this is a good scene to use foreshadowing.

This pinch point, in short stories, is often condensed into a second plot. The second Plot Point pushes your character into further action. They start at their lowest and most darkest moment from the midpoint and after licking their wounds, they come back with renewed determination.

This is where the character is starting to be okay with their decision to make a change, move forward and to try something new. The decision doesn't have to be perfect, it simply needs to be made. Please, give the reader and the character a glimpse at what the new future can be like and that at the end, if they can't have the happily ever after, allow them to be happy for now.

Climax- This is one single scene that encompasses the final moments of the overall conflict or the final battle. This is the moment that all tension and conflict has been building towards.

You are starting to wrap the story up and should be roughly at 4,000 words. Check in and let me know how its going.

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